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AuthSeries Pt. 2 - Creating Your Own Authentication

Welcome to Part 2 of AuthSeries, a series dedicated to authentication in Rails. In today’s post, I will go over how to go about creating your own authentication logic from scratch. Rails has a lot of useful gems that get this job done for you, but I think it’s always useful to understand what i... Read more

AuthSeries Pt. 1 - Authentication Basics

Welcome to Part 1 of AuthSeries, a series dedicated to authentication in Rails. WOO! In today’s post, I will go over a few programming concepts that are crucial in understanding authentication as a whole. Our goal today: Learn about cookies Learn about sessions Cookies Imagine going in... Read more

Rails Authentication Series - Intro

HEY, IS THAT YOU? As I continue to venture deeper into the magical land of Rails, I thought it would be a good idea to write about the different methods of authentication available for developers. The concept of authentication itself is not very difficult (figuring out if a user is really who ... Read more

Meaningful Code

If you’ve read my first post, then you know that about a month ago, I gave birth to my first ever code child - Teavana CLI Gem. I was in labor for days, but quickly forgot about my exhaustion upon the sweet arrival of my first code baby. Today, I am excited to share the birth of my second code ... Read more

My First CLI Gem

For this project, I was challenged to build a CLI gem from scratch. Although the project seemed intimidating at first, the CLI Gem video walkthrough was extremely helpful in giving me the push that I needed to begin building my gem. Below, I have included some notes that were taken from the vid... Read more